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industries energy highlight - power highlines


Optimise your records and information management program and protect and preserve your core samples.
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Manage your clinical and business information throughout its lifecycle and enable the transformation to value-based care.  
Public Sector

Public Sector

Secure government information and assets with transformation solutions that reduce cost and risk.
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Gain efficiencies while addressing changing financial services regulatory and privacy requirements. 
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Law Firms

Simplify administration and lower the costs of information management.
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Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

Keep up with regulatory requirements, gain insights to fuel innovation and ensure that your intellectual property is securely protected. 
insurance companies


Simplify the flow of insurance information and manage your high volume of records with confidence. 
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Your library is the academic fulcrum and the heart of your university, the center of your city, or the focal point of your community. Your library is also prime real estate and every square foot is precious and coveted.
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